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How industrial plants work today

We enjoy long and close relationships with our customers. And we share the goal of becoming even more efficient together. Our experience is something that you, too, can rely on. BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT helps you to take your industrial plants to a whole new level.


With BCAP®, we created a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of operating processes in industrial plants that can be implemented quickly and easily. Core of the solution is a cloud-based platform in which previously separate data from engineering, operation and maintenance is brought together and subjected to a targeted evaluation. This allows for entirely new findings and leads to improvements in the anticipation of potential plant malfunctions as well as a further reduction in unplanned downtimes.



In the area of plant documentation, we developed PIDGraph, a solution that, in a first step, automatically converts piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) into an intelligent digital version. The application is significantly cheaper than previous conversion methods which require the P&IDs to be re-created manually. PIDGraph is able to use the already existing material as a basis. This saves not only money, but also time. The objective is, in a second step, to allow for the processing of additional plant documents.


Industrial Tube

A major challenge being faced by many companies is the retention of employee knowledge in the technical area. Industrial Tube, an Internet-based video platform, is here to help. To make a video, all employees need is a smartphone or a pair of data glasses for the recording function as well as the Industrial Tube app. Integrated templates that are played through the app provide a script that the users follow to make step-by-step recordings. The individual work steps are commented by the employee. The app then transfers the video material to the Industrial Tube cloud where it is automatically edited in line with a standardized approval process.

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The benefits of a digitalized plant

Maintenance costs reduced by up to


Unplanned plant downtime decreased by


Increase effectiveness of the entire plant by up to


Increase of work productivity by


„The new digital intelligence saves time and money.“

Franz Braun, Managing Director BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT GmbH

Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance ®

With the cloud-based platform, we offer you everything from a single source: consulting, digital networking, data acquisition and analysis as well as predictive maintenance.

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Here’s what our customers have to say about BCAP®

„The quality and modernity of the plants are thus substantial increased and the complexity of the plant documentation is significantly reduced.“

Dr. Andreas Heidbreder, Production and Plant Manager, MÜNZING Chemie GmbH

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